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Accepting help when it is offered

May 18th, 2015 by Suzanne Sweeney

The theme for this month’s newsletter is taking care of yourself and enabling you to care for others. We wanted to share with you how one of our clients asked for our help in coaching one of their team as they left their organisation. A potentially negative situation for employee and employer but here was an employer who wished to play a positive role in supporting one of their senior team colleagues to feel resilient throughout this difficult time.

So we did. Understandably as we met and spoke with the member of staff for the first time we were met with some degree of suspicion and defence as they questioned what support we could offer and under what arrangements this had been agreed. They had mixed feelings about the support that was being offered by their ex-employer but were brave enough to take the first steps to explore how this may help them. They were frank and honest in saying they were feeling a complex range of emotions as a result of the change, including loss, sadness, worry and apprehension about what the future may hold.

Over a period of three months Windmills supported this individual with a combination of one to one sessions, and telephone/email support as they began the journey to “move away from the old” and “look toward the new”. Using elements of the Windmills portfolio including “What’s on your Plate”, the “Animals Behaviours”, “Values and Skills Cards” the client began to create a compelling “Golden Ticket” that they felt refocused and created a picture of what was important to them in their life, what they enjoyed and valued and how they could use this to build the future they wanted.

As the application process for new roles began they recognised the need for a new CV and Skills Portfolio that would more accurately reflect themselves and again Windmills supported them with this.

In “taking care” this individual has begun the challenging process of releasing the negative feelings they’d had as they left their previous employer. They accepted the help and support that was offered and  has now transformed into a newly energised and focused individual. This is what they had to say…..

“Everyone is an individual and unique in their needs; the methods, tools and approaches used by Windmills together with their expertise, empathy and support have enabled me to understand myself better, identify my strengths and skills and articulate these in a dynamic way. The sessions also helped me explore self held beliefs and behaviours that were limiting my potential and helped me to challenge this. My time with Windmills has been a short but such an enlightening journey.  The combination of coaching alongside very practical methods of support has completely changed my way of thinking and how I will now approach making decisions and moving forward in my career and life.

I feel much more confident, focussed and ready to take on the new…..”

And she has.

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