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Amy Dutton – Staff Development at Manchester Metropolitan University




Manchester Metropolitan University wished to support its staff by incorporating into its staff development provision a session related to work life balance. This was part of a wider agenda related to workplace well being and employee engagement across the institution.


The University approached Windmills as a result of work it had been involved in related to graduate careers and women’s development and discussed the design and development of a two day workshop enabling staff to access the Windmills approach to working, learning, playing and giving  (WLPG)




A two-day workshop was run which allowed staff to engage in these activities for themselves.

Amy was one of the delegates and explains her motivation for coming along….


“I sometimes struggle to switch off from work and feel that my life outside of work is affected by this. I wanted to attend the course to see if I could do anything about this.”


“I didn’t know very much about Windmills prior to the sessions. We had been given a short, general description of the course that did not really do it justice. My understanding of Windmills was that it gave people the opportunity to look at how they balanced their work and life.

I found the activities to be very enlightening, particularly looking at the skills cards to assess areas of strength and weakness. The different activities progressed well – starting with looking at your current status, then at where you want to be, and then moving on to how to achieve a work life blend that is right for you.


I think that the major challenge of doing the course was to stay motivated afterwards. I overcame this by making sure that I started working towards my two main goals within the first week following the course.  I tackled the two biggest changes that I wanted to make first as these were most important to me. I had been intending to do these for quite some time but I needed the motivation which is what the programme provided for me.




Following the workshop delivery Amy commented….


“I have achieved the two aims that I wrote on my follow up postcard: to be pro-actively looking for a new job in the University and to have started driving lessons. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to receive my follow up postcard on the day that I found out I had been successful in an interview for a post two grades higher than my current post. I had started driving lessons the week before.

People have commented on how I have had the motivation to do things that I have been putting off for quite a while.”