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Bev Grime – Wellbeing for Head Teachers Programme


Bev Grime came into contact with Windmills as a result of Lancashire County Council’s ‘Well Being’ programme which is part of a broader commitment to supporting staff well-being and personal development.  It promotes the well-being of staff as an important factor in the success of schools where the achievement of pupils can be enhanced or interrupted by the well-being of the adults around them.

The programme recognises three contributing and interlinking elements of professional, organisational and personal well-being.

When Bev joined 10 other Head Teacher colleagues on the Windmills workshop she had been in the job for 4 years yet still described herself as a “New Head”.  She felt it had ‘taken longer to get things going than I originally thought’ and she was under pressure, getting more and more busy and not working smartly enough.’




Working in partnership with Lancashire County Council, Windmills designed and delivered a series of residential workshops to Head Teachers which incorporated elements of the Windmills portfolio. 

The principles and approach behind the Windmills approach to Working, Learning, Playing and Giving (WLPG) fitted well with this model of professional, organisational and personal well-being. Hence a two day residential workshop aimed at Primary school Head Teachers was developed as part of the enhanced programme offer to the council for senior leaders.

Bev acknowledged that initially she had come to the workshop thinking about the job but very quickly shifted to thinking about her needs and priorities realising that ‘I’d lost myself as a person, under the pressures.’

Feedback from Head Teachers themselves indicated that to get the most benefit from the Windmills approach they had to be well away from their busy schedules in schools and for Bev the residential workshop created valuable time out to pause and consider her own professional development.


Three months after the residential programme Bev was quick to identify the personal benefits she had gained and also the knock on effect those changes had had for the rest of her team in school.

She described herself as being a ‘lot more relaxed, more positive and I’m not cross anymore and definitely much more confident.’  One of her goals from the residential programme had been to lose some weight ‘so that I was less sluggish’. She had made great progress and was determined to continue with that now that she looked very different to how she had been previously.

Bev recognised that her approach with staff had changed ‘I talk to them about their lives and things that they’re doing, and their aspirations. So it isn’t just about work and pressure’ and was delighted with the impact that was having in helping them move forward together better.


Bev was very honest and admitted that the impact of the Windmills programme had ‘made the difference between staying in the job I think.’ The workshop activities had helped her to prioritise, adopt a more positive approach and a different perspective on the challenges and pressures of her role.  She acknowledged that ‘things which seemed impossible were only minor and I’d made them bigger than they actually were’ so she was now giving her time and attention to the significant things and still enjoy doing them.


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