Inventing fresh approaches to empower others

It matters to us what we do with you.

Before we do anything we listen, look and learn to understand more about you and your needs, only then does our passionate and professional team work side-by-side with you to collaborate in creatively developing the support that’s right for you. We never do the same thing twice.

We use a capacity building model to train your own people to utilise the Windmills portfolio – its innovative products, resources, and programmes to meet the needs of your organisation. This works for us all, our clients tell us so, giving them value for money as a licence holder and working with us on a longer term basis. We successfuly work with organisations across the public/private/voluntary sectors.



What they say

Hear from Maggie from Shropshire Council



Licensed Solutions

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What they say

Hear from Lynsey Lowe from East Midlands Deanery .


Developed from a background of research and development in higher education the Windmills portfolio is at the heart of the work we complete with our clients. Designed to release the potential of organisations and communities and the people working in these, this action based model focuses on:

Discover – helping individuals explore what their skills are, their passions and values, combined with what really matters to them

Create – developing an exciting and motivating future for themselves

Realise – committing to taking action and making this future real

Our portfolio grows, fed from the partnership projects we develop with our clients and the skills and expertise of our team.

Windmills is based on a number of underlying principles on which both our whole approach to working with clients and the development of the portfolio rest.