Building your capacity to deliver innovative solutions for your needs

The need in your organisation maybe for change management, leadership, or career and job role support etc.

It maybe for a particular initiative such as a coaching or mentoring models, outreach work or raising the aspirations of young people. Or it could be to support a particular cohort of staff e.g. women, the executive team, or graduates. Our team work with your team to select from the portfolio and then to either create programmes or design a tool-kit of resources to maximise the flexibility of its use – it’s really up to you.

We do this by using the following model

  • EXPLORE – a chance to discuss the needs you have, the objectives you want to achieve, the initiatives you wish to link this work with and what you really want to happen from this work? We find that many organisations benefit from having a free no obligation taster session after discussion with Windmills. 
  • EMPOWER – a chance to empower individuals to go through the process for themselves and try exercises out as well as develop the confidence, capacity and skills to coach, train or facilitate the process for others
  • ENGAGE – your trained Champions begin to deliver/coach/mentor/facilitate using the Windmills portfolio. They develop a specific project linked to their own skills and expertise to create a win/win within the organisation. Through a review process with Windmills they evaluate the difference made, the impact achieved and share their lessons learned to build and embed best practice in your organisation
  • EVOLVE – the impact continues to grow created and led by your own Champions. The use of the portfolio to address strategic objectives is widened and additional people management issues are supported by the work of the Champions.   The Champions become part of the wider Windmills community supported by Windmills to continue their personal and professional development  they will be invited to the annual Windmills event and receive on-going email and telephone support as well as a chance to network with other members of the Windmills community

It’s about releasing potential and committing to positive change so if you are interested in exploring how this could work within your organisation and would like to discuss further then please contact us today.