Developing support from a strong foundation

Windmills is based on a number of underlying principles that influence our design, delivery and project management.

These are not unique to us but may be found in other leading thinkers, approaches and experts within the field. What is unique to us is the interplay between them in the development of our relationships with our partners, the creative design and development of the Windmills portfolio and how these are implemented to meet the objectives of the partner and the project.

All based on the belief we hold that ‘Everyone has potential’.


Play to your strengths – build on what you love doing and are good at
Open up opportunities – the clearer you can see where you are going the quicker you will get there
Think about what is important to you – bring your values to life
Explore your choices – we all have more choices that we think
Nurture relationships – in supporting one another we can achieve more
Take control – you have all the resources you need
Impact on others – giving can reap multiple benefits
Act now – there’s no better time than the present
Lifelong – continue to invest in yourself and practice what you preach


It’s about releasing potential and committing to positive change so if you are interested in exploring how this could work within your organisation and would like to discuss further then please contact us today.