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Investing In Me

January 6th, 2014 by Suzanne Sweeney

Happy New Year! So what’s 2014 going to hold for you?

Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball and with only 12% of us managing to achieve our resolutions, these options may not be sound choices to work out what 2014 has in store. Instead we have decided the focus for our first newsletter of the New Year is “Investing in you” we wondered if this maybe one commitment you may wish to consider making in 2014?

We have the pleasure of working with some great individuals who take their personal development and growth seriously but even for many of them trying to do this can feel a challenge. Some of them commented at our event in November that it had……

“Allowed me a rare chance to stand back and assess my current priorities”

“Allowed me to re-focus”

“Provided a renewed confidence”

“Food for thought. Perspective!”

 “Enjoyed taking the time out to reflect on myself, which I don’t do enough of!”

That final comment is probably true for many of us.
Being resourceful, fit, and able to help others is the foundation by which we begin to offer support to others. Ask yourself do you demonstrate the behaviours, skills and attitude needed to help others? Think about where you draw your resilience and strength from – is it your work, your learning, your playing or your giving? Is it a combination of them all? What really feeds you and when you know that can you incorporate that further in what you are planning for this year?

The walls that prevent us investing in ourselves can be common…. time, money, motivation, confidence etc. Building Windmills to enable us to make an investment in ourselves may need some forethought and the start of the year is a good time to do that. What do I want to have done for myself by the end of the year – how do I want to make that investment and who can help me to do this?

To help you to answer these questions, in this newsletter, you can find out about some top tips and tools that can help you; you can read about what delegates at the Windmills event did and how it supported their development; you can also read about the behaviours we have begun to identify that help characterise what champions need to demonstrate to effectively support others. Finally in Pete’s blog he talks about The Cracked Vase – another metaphor which one of our partners talked to us about at our event. Why not take a look, consider what investment you want to make for you, how you want to do that.  Remember if we can support you in this then get in touch.

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