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Making tomorrow a better place

June 24th, 2013 by Suzanne Sweeney

With the summer holidays fast approaching and school preparing for the finish of the school year, Carillion Building North East and Scotland has been running a pilot of the SMILE £10 challenge. Having seen the work of the Windmills Foundation in Sefton, Jane Braybrook , Community Liaison Manager, Carillion Construction UK thought it would be a great idea to use this model as part of their community commitments in schools in the North East.

Carillion gets involved in the communities where they have had major construction projects and as part of their “Building Schools for the Future” work they identified a number of outcome areas that link to their CSR agendas and values to “make tomorrow a better place”.

Jane identified the following priorities as part of the business case for this type of work:

  • Supporting education
  • Engaging with the workforce of the future
  • Engaging with young people to develop social reasonability
  • Strengthening client relationships
  • Raising the profile of Carillion within the local communities

Using the Windmills Foundation tool-kit for the challenge fifty pupils from Harton Primary, South Tyneside and Tilery Primary, Stockton on Tees, took part and were mentored by their local secondary schools (Harton Technology College and North Shore Academy) with some fantastic results.

Harton Primary had a variety of projects which included: holding a tea party for local elderly people in sheltered accommodation, producing a booklet for dementia sufferers of old photos of the area, making 10 bird boxes erected in the local area (cut by apprentices from Carillion Training Services Sunderland) and holding a raffle which raised £120 for the mothers and toddlers group who were in desperate need of art materials.

Tilery Primary held a bake sale to raise extra money and have produced collage pictures for the local nursing home, pot plants to be donated to elderly people in the area, plant tubs for outside their school and boxes containing toys and art materials to be donated to the local children’s ward and children’s home.

Jane said “the project has been a resounding success, the children have loved doing their bit for the community and have realised that a little money can go a long way.  They have honed their entrepreneurial skills and learned a great deal about the needs of their local community

Jane has shared her experience of the Smile £10 challenge with other community colleagues with a view to extend this further within Carillion.

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