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Peter Wormersley, Senior Manager, Vertex



Established in 1996, Vertex is a leader in Business Process and Customer Management outsourcing, serving over 200 clients worldwide across many sectors.

Facing a period of restructure and change as part of a wider set of transformation initiatives across its parent group, senior key managers had been identified as being critical to the development and restructure of the business for the future.

Through a process of personal nomination and organisational approval a number of key individuals were identified and Peter was one of these. He had achieved a significant position within the organisation but was feeling a growing tension between his organisational role and aspiration in the workplace with that of his life outside of Vertex.




In partnership with Vertex, Windmills designed a workshop programme based around the windmills approach to fulfilling potential of….

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The programme was designed in such a way as to allow those participating to explore for themselves where their potential lay and how they could maximise this within the workplace to achieve a win/win.

It incorporated the Windmills approach to Working, Learning, Playing and Giving enabling those participating to explore their skills, passions, purpose, and motivations both in and out of the workplace.

Peter’s view was that the Windmills Programme had been excellent.  “Most importantly the programme opened my eyes and surprised me in many ways about what I really wanted from my own career perspective and to think very carefully about how I balanced my ambitions”.

“From my own personal perspective Windmills has made quite a fundamental change for me in a relatively short space of time.  It helped me through a process where I changed my working arrangement, which gave me the space to do the sort of things I wanted to do outside work.  The programme helped me to have the initial conversation with my own boss – I felt confident and was able to pull together a convincing argument for why at the end of the day both the business and I would benefit from this mutual arrangement. “


From these actions Peter identified and implemented a course of action that enabled Vertex to continue to maximise his skills and contribution to the business through period of major change whilst still allowing him the freedom and opportunity to explore his own aspiration and priorities outside of his Vertex role.




“I’ve ended up in an ideal world where I’m still working with Vertex, and I think that I am contributing more than I did before – I’ve got a higher level of commitment to the organisation because of the way the organisation’s helped me, but equally I’ve been able to do the things, or at least, get a taste of the things that I wanted to do outside work.

I think it has been a very powerful self-analysis process that has opened my mind to a new way of thinking in understanding strengths and weaknesses, ambitions and passions and ultimately understanding the ways in which to reach a work/life balance”


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