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Raise the bar

August 19th, 2013 by Helen Wakefield

The flexibility of Windmills materials and activities means CfBT Education Trust Careers Advisors are helping a broad range of National Careers Service  clients ‘raise the bar’ on their career aspirations and choices.


As the Prime Contractor for the National Careers Service  programme in the North East CfBT Careers Advisors provide one-to-one and group-based Careers Information, Advice and Guidance on a whole range of career related issues to adults aged 18 and over.


Having attended a 2 day Windmills Champions Training programme in December 2011, 15 CfBT advisors are now using the Windmills resources and exercises to support a varied client group including those with physical and mental health issues.  Whether working with the long term unemployed, those recently made redundant, students on vocational training programmes, unemployed graduates or local employers, the advisors have been delighted with the positive feedback and the impact the Windmills materials and resources have had in ‘raising the bar’ for clients. 


One Champion commented that ‘The skills cards exercise helps to raise the client’s self awareness, and sometimes even self esteem – clients have spoken to me afterwards to say that following the session they feel lifted as they didn’t feel before that they had any marketable skills.  The Golden Ticket ‘raised the bar’ for one client who initially felt that teaching was out of reach. The Advisor was delighted when two weeks later the client emailed to confirm that they had attended their first session of the City and Guilds Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector (PTLLS) programme and was really looking forward to an interesting and challenging course.


In addition Champions acknowledge that working with the Windmills portfolio has ‘raised the bar’ for their own professional practice.  ‘I was pleased with the structure it gave to my session and the interactive nature of the exercise allowed clients to immediately engage.  I was able to include all personality types and allow them each to explore what was important to them.’


Commenting on the overall project, Training and Development Coordinator, Colette O’Brien added,

‘We are very pleased with the work Windmills has completed with us.  The impact of the training has been that our Champions are empowered to help their clients more effectively using the range of resources now available to them.  As an organisation we now have resources available to us which set us apart from other providers in the sector in the North East’.


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