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January 7th, 2016 by Suzanne Sweeney

In this first newsletter of the New Year we invite you to join us in Liverpool on the 11th February for a day devoted to you. A chance to, using the portfolio of Windmills, reacquaint yourself with what matters and what is important to you – just in case you’d forgotten?

A significant proportion of those of you who read this newsletter support others as your “day job” and also for many of you this happens outside of your “day job” too in the support you offer friends and family. At our event in November we asked delegates to identify what had been the most important factor that had helped them get to where they were currently. The importance of a “significant other” overwhelmingly emerged as being vital – someone that showed they cared, took the time, showed us the way, supported and helped us.

Merseyside Youth Association (MYA) are fully aware of this and have placed this principle at the heart of their National Lottery Talent Match provision for 16-24yr olds by creating a team of personal mentors.

Working alongside this team of creative and enthusiastic mentors, Windmills has developed a SELF tool-kit. This has been designed to remind the young people in the project about what is important to them, and how they can move closer towards this with the help of their mentor and MYA.

The SELF tool-kit is a mentor’s resource focused on four dimensions of Skills; Employment; Life; and Future. In its introduction it makes the point of recognising that changing lives starts with yourself and how much do we, who support others, practice what we preach when looking at our own skills, employment, life and future? If we are resourceful and competent at doing this for ourselves then we are better positioned to support those we work with.

The SELF tool-kit comprises of over twelve separate activities covering the topics of….

Self-awareness Self-belief Self-promotion Self-motivation
Self-resilience Self-worth Self-style Self-satisfaction
Self-support Self-image Self-development Self-fulfilment


Combined with a comprehensive set of mentors notes and an evaluation “SELF Profile” capable of assessing each of the four dimensions with before and after measurements, the mentors have been supported by Windmills in how they can use this with clients.

As a practical, flexible and personalised support tool, in the hands of a committed and creative “significant other” it can make a real difference. If you wish to know more about it and the wider project then please get in touch by emailing Suzanne on  01704 874903 to talk further.

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