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A New Resilience Blueprint to Bounce Back

January 8th, 2015 by Suzanne Sweeney

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How effective is your bouncebackability. We strongly believe in the importance of taking care of ourselves and practicing what we preach before helping others realise their potential. So try our quick resilience health check BOUNCE. The Windmills team have drawn together the past ten years of research on personal resilience, mental health, well-being, happiness, career management and employability to establish a new blueprint entitled BOUNCE. We have identified six common characteristics that enhance our ability to ‘bounce back’ from challenges, set-backs, change and uncertainty. These are:

Belief  –  in our ability to take control

Optimism  –  a positive outlook and hope for the future

Understanding  –  of our key strengths, values and motives

Network  –  of support, care and encouragement

Contribution  –  a willingness to give back and help others

Energy  –  the ability to sustain levels of energy and enthusiasm


Why not have a go and explore your personal levels of BOUNCE by clicking on the diagram above. Highlight where you are doing well but also identify which dimension you need to enhance your performance. You may also find it useful using this simple blueprint to reflect on your current practice professionally. Where is your provision strong and where are there areas for development? The Windmills team are looking to develop BOUNCE with a range of like minded partners. If you have an interest in potential collaboration and co-creation, we would love to hear from you.

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