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“SELF” – a new tool-kit for Young People

September 3rd, 2015 by Suzanne Sweeney

We are always very excited when there is an opportunity to develop new tools and resources as part of the wider Windmills portfolio enabling individuals to “be all they can be”. The major three year project “Talent Match” is operated in this region by the Merseyside Youth Association and is now beginning to shape a new tool-kit.

For the last eighteen months we have been piloting a variety of resources from both the Windmills portfolio and those used by mentors working with vulnerable young people in Talent Match. Just before the summer break we saw the first drafts of these resources designed by Jason Powell. Jase has worked with Windmills since the late 1990’s when The Art of Building Windmills was first published and has been instrumental in helping us shape the portfolio over this time.

The tool-kit has been designed for the mentor enabling them to utilise it in a way that is appropriate for the needs of the young person they are supporting. The kit must be flexible and versatile enabling the young person, with the help of the mentor, to develop a personalised pathway that enables them to move from dependence to independence.

The SELF tool-kit enables young people to look at four different dimensions: Skills; Employment; Life; Future. It aims to explore their:

Self Awareness

Self Belief

Self Promotion

Self Motivation

Self Resilience

Self Worth

Self Style

Self Satisfaction

Self Support

Self Image

Self Development

Self Fulfilment


We are looking forward to sharing the development of this tool-kit with those who attend the event in November – “Shaping Our Future,” as outlined in our headline article in this newsletter.  At this session you will get the chance to hear from mentors and young people that via Talent Match have used the kit.

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