Inspiring young people to realise their true potential and make their unique difference

Giving something back is a core value of Windmills and 10% of our time and income is dedicated to our charitable organisation – The Windmills Foundation

foundationlogoEstablished in 2011, The Windmills Foundation (Charity Number 1141900) has been created to inspire a future generation of young people to maximise their skills, talents and passions to make their unique difference in the world around them. The Windmills Foundation is primarily focused on three core activities.


The Smile £10 Challenge

A project aimed at Y6 Primary school children –aged 10-11- engaging them in making a difference in their local communities. Over 1000 young people have taken part in the SMILE £10 Challenge, used its resources, made people smile and had an impact in the locality in which they live.


Youth Champions

Support for young people who want to make a difference utilising their skills, talents, passion, energy and enthusiasm for others is where the idea of Youth Champions emerged. We want to mentor and support these young people who are excited about making a difference in other people’s lives.


Partnership Projects

‘Make a difference’ partnership projects encompass a range of initiatives where Windmills has collaborated with other organisations that share the same passion, similar values and have an appetite to use our skills and expertise to make this real.