Collaborating together to inspire young people to make their unique difference.

We invest our time, talents and resources to collaborate with like minded partners who share the same values and work on projects where our collective skills and expertise make a greater difference than we could do by ourselves.

Our partners maybe large or small, from any sector, and focus on any aspect of supporting young people but we collaborate with those who have energy, creativity and enthusiasm to make a difference in a fresh and innovative way with young people. Take a look at some of these projects to see the creative ways we have worked with our partners:


Supporting young adults with employability skills.


As part of their Think Big campaign staff at 02 engaged with a local special needs school



Trinity St Peters

Pupils and staff develop a curriculum to help them ‘Shine’.

If you have been inspired by what you have read here and would like to talk further with us about the ideas you have for supporting young people please contact us today.