Inspiring a future generation of young people to make their unique difference.

In the last three years The Windmills Foundation has supported over 1000 young people through it’s Smile £10 Challenge. Our vision is by 2020 to develop it as a national programme allowing young people the opportunity to get involved by fulfilling their potential, maximising their skills, building their confidence and leaving a lasting legacy by making a difference in their local communities. If you would like to be part of this exciting vision and collaborate with us to do this then contact us today

Focused on working with Year 6 children (10/11 year olds), their challenge over a number of months is to use their combined skills, talent and relationships coupled with a donation of £10 to make the world a better place by creating a sustainable difference in their wider community. The only rule is a simple one; they cannot give the £10 away. The challenge is about developing a project to make others smile:


SMILE in action

Kathy Monaghan – Head Teacher at St Jerome’s Primary School talks about the impact the challenge had on her Year 6 pupils.


More information

Download our introduction to the Smile £10 Challenge and its benefits.


Sharing my skills and talents with others
In a way that is meaningful and really excites and motivates those involved
Designed to have an impact in the local community ensuring it leaves a legacy
Benefits everyone


The SMILE Slideshow

Take a look at the slideshow inviting young people to participate in the Windmills Foundation’s Smile £10 Challenge.