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The Windmills SMILE £10 Challenge

August 19th, 2013 by Helen Wakefield

GIVE by doing something nice for a friend or stranger…buy a big issue, help out in your local community. Putting your efforts towards a good cause can be incredibly rewarding.

As part of our “Giving”, The Windmills Foundation, our charity (supported by 10% of profits from Windmills), held its briefing day for the 2013 Windmills £10 Smile Challenge. Representatives from over 35 schools across Sefton attended to gain an understanding about what is involved when the challenge starts in January. For a number of those who attended there were also some slight nerves as to what this was all about and how they could get involved. If you want to know more please download our Introduction.

Hosted by the Foundation the challenge is now in its third year and is one of the ways we try to demonstrate our giving in our own business locality. Beginning with one school in Formby in 2010/11 we extended it to all the schools in Formby the following year and this year made the commitment to extend the model by engaging as many of the schools in the Sefton area as we could. (Read more – this can be the cut off for the newsletter Lynne) Visiting local learning partnerships we gathered support from each of these and along with support from Sefton Council for Voluntary Services and Sefton Education Business Partnership who both attended the day, it was a huge success.

As always we encouraged those involved to practice what they preach so those attending were provided with £10 to go and make a difference in the locality and make someone SMILE. We were not too sure whether Greenbank  School, Southport and its locality was ready for the enthusiasm and energy of the willing Smile Challenge Groups but with less than an hour and a half available the teams had got some great stories to share when they returned to school. Here are some of the examples:

  • Visiting the local garden centre and securing donations of hyacinth bulbs and chocolate to give to the residents of a local home for the elderly
  • Doubling their donations from Tesco, one team then provided refreshments for the ambulance service crew at the local hospital
  • Visiting the local hospice to support the volunteers and staff who every day of the week, every week of the year give their skills, energy and enthusiasm for the benefit of others
  • Encouraging the girls at the school to SMILE and share with others what made them SMILE
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