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“We are our choices” John Paul Sartre

July 23rd, 2014 by Suzanne Sweeney

Acknowledging that we are a product of the choices we have made can sometimes be tough to accept. Finding it easier to blame others or blaming situations for where we have ended up and what we have become, can be hard to resist. Even recognising that we do have a choice can be difficult for many of us to acknowledge

We often quote E+R=O at Windmills (Ref: Jack Canfield – The Success Principles) where the Event plus our Response to that event will determine the Outcome. So any group faced with a similar event to one another e.g. loss of job, health problems, and relationship issues etc, will respond in very different ways and consequently have very different outcomes. “We are our choices”

As the summer approaches and for many of us there comes the chance to travel, ponder new views and fresh horizons, there is the potential for a new perspective. Ask yourself what is the perspective you are seeking at the moment? What are the choices that you are mulling over and what do you feel is stopping you taking the steps you want to take in relation to these choices?

The quote at the top of this newsletter sums this up – are you building walls or windmills? What are the bricks in your wall that prevent you getting the perspective and view that you want? Could you give a name to each of those bricks – no confidence, lack of focus, self belief, fear? What are you going to choose to do about these?

Consider what the Windmills are that could propel the energy you need to dismantle that wall – support networks, being brave, volunteering, mentoring, taking action and seizing control.

What would give you the life you want? What choices do you need to make?
We are big fans here at Windmills of Charles Handy and would urge you to take a look at his reflections related to “The Shape of Life to Come”

What does your view look like now?

Let us know your thoughts…..


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