Personal Growth, Organisational Impact and Community Change

Windmills works with those who are ready to meet the challenge of helping themselves and others to fulfil their potential: To be all they can be.

We are experts in imagining and creating inspiring and pragmatic resources, tools, and approaches that will work for you, your organisation and your community to make the most of your potential.

This is our portfolio and we use this in partnership with you encouraging you to be brave, think creatively, embrace a new mind set and, most importantly, be passionate about taking steps to make a difference. Our minds are always open to new opportunities, possibilities and collaborations which allow us to share our skills and passions.

3thinking-page-imgWindmills begins with the individual – a priority to build their knowledge and understanding of themselves and what is important to them and then begin to explore how this links to their organisation and community. We build from me to we, them and finally us; working best where these dimensions all meet – a three thinking approach.

And who do we do this with, well…

Imagine your life in a week with each day of the week representing 12 years. You are born on Monday morning, 12 at the end of Monday, 24, Tuesday, 36, Wednesday, 48 Thursday and by Friday night you maybe celebrating the “official” end of your working life with a big party for being 60. Saturday brings you to 72 and 84 on Sunday and if you have looked after yourself well you may get the Bank Holiday Monday in too.

7days-page-imgConsider where you are in this week and which days of the week are those you support on? Windmills works with people on every day of this week, from primary school children to those navigating education and into the workplace. Those wishing to maximise their skills and potential in the workplace to those looking at what they are doing outside of the workplace as they enter their weekend.   Take a look at this model of the week to see the work we do in partnership with our clients and see the variety of projects and clients we work with on each day of the week .