3 Thinking – a creative approach to fulfil personal, organisation and community potential

Windmills encourages those we work with to explore a 3 Thinking approach to the projects we develop.

3thinking-page-imgSupport begins with the individual, discovering what their skills, motivations, values, and passions are. This discovery of what really matters to them leads them to create a vision for the future and begin to realise this picture by taking positive actions. This activity is focused on the ME circle. Further benefits emerge however when the individual reflects on this within the context of the organisation they work in.

How can they fully realise their potential within the organisational context and create a win/win maximising their capability for both personal and organisational growth. What are the opportunities around them to make this real now – what can they begin to do today to fulfil their potential and support the priorities of the organisation? This is focused on the WE circle. Take this one step further still and consider the wider community in which the WE – of individuals and organisation operate – the Community circle – THEM.

Exploring the ways to maximise potential within the wider community, fostering stronger and more sustainable links, developing partnerships and new opportunities.

Together these three dimensions create the final circle of US – with the combined energy, commitment, focus and passion to make things happen.

Take a look at the case studies below about our work in each of these areas and contact us to find out more…