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What’s Your Year Looking Like?

January 8th, 2015 by Suzanne Sweeney


When you look forward to the year ahead of you, what are going to be the influences that will determine what your year is going to be about, the shape it will take and where you will end up at the end?

Here at Windmills we have decided the year ahead of us is going to be influenced by one of our highlights from last year – our event and the thinking that emerged from it. This first newsletter of the year shares with you the model we launched, the learning we gained and our current thinking.
The Windmills approach, portfolio and track record has been heavily influenced and shaped by much of the work we have completed with those of you reading this newsletter. You know it focuses on a whole person, whole community solution for individuals which draws together research and practice from our own work and the fields of personal resilience, career management, employability, public health, positive psychology, sports coaching, appreciative enquiry and community engagement – and in the case of the event, all with the aim of enabling young people to discover, create and realise their full potential.

This led to us developing  “A New 3R’s” to explore how, more effectively, we can support young people to build personal resilience, develop positive relationships and take responsibility for their own development and that of others.

Sharing this model with like-minded individuals at the event enabled the following themes’ to emerge and to influence our activity for the year ahead. Will they influence yours?

  • Start Early – too much effort is being placed on sticking plasters and “reacting” as opposed to proactive prevention at the earliest possible age. We need to equip young people with a new set of strategies and behaviours to build their capability to manage the 3R’s for themselves
  • New Attitudes, Behaviours and Skills –  Exposure to a tool-kit of resources, experiences, opportunities and networks that enable young people to develop their own version of the 3R’s and create a personalised pathway to fulfil their potential
  • Importance of a Role Model – the strength of a trusting relationship with someone they believe in and enables them to see there is an alternative way to “be” that maybe very different to the one they, and others around them, have experienced enabling the young person to believe and grow
  • Young People supporting Young People – creating a wave of change with young people supporting other young people. The power of a critical mass of individuals who have experienced challenges to others who are in the early stages of their own pathway
  • Sustainability – a move away from support that is a “one off” and just scratches the surface and instead trying to create cultural, institutional change – not just another set of activities. How is the whole team around the young person supporting them, education, work, health, and well-being?

And at the end of our event Rob Tabb, Strategy Implementation Manager for the Liverpool City Region left us with a couple of messages we thought we’d share with you…..

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed individuals to change the world. In fact it is the only thing that ever has” and “the hardest step forward can sometimes be the foot between your head and your heart”

Want to take that step? Then get in touch and let’s talk some more…..

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