Committed to being all we can be and inspiring others to do the same

At Windmills we practice what we preach. Having been established within the University of Liverpool in 1998, Windmills encourages those involved in our business and charity – The Windmills Foundation – to be all they can be

What does that mean? It means fulfilling our potential, maximising our skills and talents, being involved in something that links to our purpose and passions and making a difference to those around us and those we work with.

Windmills formed by Dr Peter Hawkins and Helen Wakefield have three objectives at its heart:

  1. To make a life – playing to our strengths, getting involved in things that really motivate and interest us, and getting a work/life balance
  2. To make a difference – being part of Windmills to make as great a difference as we can both in and out of Windmills – hence our outrageous ambition – “by 2020 Windmills will have inspired 1million people to be all they can be and make their unique difference in the world”
  3. To make a living – keeping stewardship of Windmills healthy to support those individuals who rely on it for their income and to create and then continue to contribute to the Windmills Foundation

The Windmills team is a group of passionate and dedicated individuals, who together make a greater difference and share a set of common values.

We are also part of a wider community of Windmills Champions which has been created as a result of our licensed capacity building model. Over two hundred people are in this network and illustrate the collaborative nature of the Windmills community. Find out how your organisation can benefit from this by contacting us today.