Living and breathing our values at Windmills, they’re what we are all about

We cannot claim to practice what we preach without committing to the values that underpin the work we do and how we do it

Our values are not just words on a website or business card but are words that shape how we live and breathe every day. It’s the way we do what we do.

  • Giving – we do this by giving 10% of our time and in our first two years 10% of our pre-tax profits to our charity the Windmills Foundation
  • Collaboration – we do this by committing to the personal and professional development of our partners by hosting our annual Windmills Event for the Champions within your organisation and our community
  • Creativity – we do this by continuing to innovate and grow fresh tools and techniques in the Windmills portfolio to inspire individuals to reach their full potential
  • Trustworthy – we do this by putting people first and committing to going the extra mile
  • Enthusiasm – we do this by delivering Windmills with passion, energy and authenticity
  • Bravery – we do this by practicing what we preach, challenging ourselves and engaging In every activity in our portfolio

But don’t just listen to what we say – Find out what others say about us…

We are keen to partner with people and organisations that share these values and believe in our principles. We are always excited to have conversations with people who think likewise. If you are interested in talking further with us contact us today.