Growing creative partnerships makes a world of difference.

Collaborating with partners across the range of needs Windmills supports enables us to develop long lasting win win opportunities.

7days-page-imgWindmills is proud to support individuals on every day of the week of their lives. Imagine your life in a week with each day of the week representing 12 years. You are born on Monday morning, 12 at the end of Monday, 24 on Tuesday, 36 on Wednesday, 48 on Thursday and by Friday night you are celebrating what used to be the “official” end of your working life with a big party at 60. Saturday brings you to 72 and 84 on Sunday and if you have looked after yourself well you may get the Bank Holiday Monday in too.

The “week” provides a great model to explain that on any given day Windmills materials, programmes, models, people and ideas is supporting a diverse breadth of people and needs.

We are privileged to both work and form friendships with a unique community of individuals who are on different days of the week themselves, cover a diverse sector range and support individuals with a range of issues. Creating variety and interaction amongst these clients and their projects is one of the many benefits of collaborating with Windmills. An example of a current partnership we have established and the exciting project we are working on with them is Expanding Horizons and the European MOTIVE project which involves additional partnerships with four other European countries. Further information can be found here


Take a look at this model to see the variety of work we do in partnership with our clients.