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Westinghouse – Developing Personal Value in the Leadership Team

Providing an opportunity for the Executive Team to explore their individual personal value combined with those of their peers in readiness for a new growth and development project at Westinghouse.



Westinghouse is a leading global organisation in the nuclear technology field supporting 50% of the world’s commercial nuclear power plants. It is a market leader in finding innovative ways of applying nuclear power technology for the advancement of the world’s economies. An opportunity was being sought with the leadership team within Westinghouse to provide the chance for them to both identify and value their own personal contributions in an imminent new growth phase. Mike Tynan Vice President of Westinghouse UK, Middle East & Egypt, had a vision for this work by which he wanted to ….

“Commission the Windmills project for Westinghouse as an event to provide people within my organisation the opportunity to understand their full personal potential.  I did not want the event to be based around business problems nor formulaic learning, more an unusual “first of a kind” experience.  In planning the event with the Windmills team, we wanted to focus on the need to give people an unusual experience that they would remember as valuable to them; something they would talk about afterwards”


Westinghouse already has a great track record of strong people development support but increasingly Mike commented on finding when completing personal reviews with his senior team that the personal aspect of “what they wanted” beyond the usual job requirement specifications was very difficult to ascertain from his team. He wanted an opportunity for them to explore this further.  


8 targeted staff members from the Westinghouse executive team took part in a residential workshop of two days. The programme “Growing Me” was designed by the Windmills team taking elements of the portfolio which included No Regrets, Working, Learning, Playing and Giving and Your Life’s Essentials (click here to find out more about these elements of the Windmills portfolio) all with the aim of providing delegates with an experience they would find enjoyable and be excited by with the following objectives:

  • To provide an insight into your potential that is greater than you thought
  • Understand your personal value both to life as a whole as well as Westinghouse
  • Explore how you can creatively blend your working, learning, playing and giving
  • Gain a greater understanding of your prime skills, passions, and purpose in life and its connectivity to people, place and the payoffs that are important to you
  • Discover new possibilities both personally and professionally to ensure your “value” is maximised within Westinghouse and life as a whole
  • Create an inspiring “Golden Ticket” to the future
  • Exchange hopes, aspirations and strengths of the team as a whole ensuring each member maximises their personal value
  • Design an exciting project which has the potential to impact personally, professionally or within the wider community
  • Identify ways of keeping momentum going through peer support

Having explored this process for themselves the final session in the workshop schedule also enabled participants to recognise and realise personal value in their executive team colleagues too – a chance to pass it on.

The workshop was designed with a combination of activities from “No Regrets on Sunday” and the Windmills approach to working/learning/playing and giving (WLPG) and also utilised the Life’s Essentials activities and poster.



All delegates engaged fully in the programme sharing their reflections and also providing space to listen to their colleagues. Their feedback reflected the value they got from the workshop.

“Knowing the business recognises and supports “realignment” to a more balanced position is important and refreshing”

“I learnt a lot about what really was important in terms of work life balance. This was important to me, but it also made me realise that as a manager in the business, it is key to understand these influences for those who work around me”

“I would like at some point in the intervening years before retirement to undertake an international assignment and since attending the workshop have discussed this with family and my line manager”

“If making me think and understand what is important to me – I can better define for WEC where I can contribute the most then this has been worthwhile”


Mike’s view of the workshop was:

“The outcome of the event has been excellent, with positive feedback on the experience.  People have talked about their experience with enthusiasm and energy.  That is what I set out to achieve.  Added value is already created and flowing from this event.”


From the workshop Westinghouse is benefitting from incorporating the learning outcomes identified by the delegates into the personal development section of the performance review, thereby making these discussions more relevant and purposeful between the employee and organisation