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Alison Jardine, Women’s Programme

I felt very overwhelmed and didn’t know where I was going with my career before attending the Windmills Development Programme.  I was demoralised and unfocused, I was attracted towards the programme because I wanted to be more focused and confident I also wanted to explore the work/life balance issue.

During the programme I felt the single most important thing that I went away with was trying to inject more play into all aspects of my life and to make my life more enjoyable/rewarding.  I decided that I wanted to travel, get fit, stay healthy and happy, set myself challenges, spend more time with friends, take up a hobby and expand my horizons.

Since the start of the programme I feel I have become more focused – it helped me put things into perspective and generally feel more positive in my situation and outlook on life.  I am spending more time with people who make me feel good, and am making an effort to get fit.  I have also felt less guilt about putting work on the back burner for a while whilst I concentrate on my family (which I feel more rewarded by).

The main things that I learnt from the programme are that it’s important to create a balance in your life that you feel comfortable with and it was good to have the time to devote to thinking about it.  The other great thing was being with a group of people who essentially felt the same way as you.  I felt quite humble to share in others thoughts on their lives and aspirations and feel lucky to have been involved with a fairly unique group of people.

Alison Jardine, Women’s Workshop Participant