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Dr. Carl Gavin – Lateral Vision Talkabout


Carl Gavin – Owner/Manager and people development support for SME




Carl Gavin is a busy owner manager of a growing and highly successful technology SME based in Liverpool. Managing the business whilst also working in the business is a common challenge for many of the UK’s 4.8 million small businesses’ and Carl approached Windmills with a couple of issues.

Firstly he wanted an opportunity to stand back from the decision he had made about starting up his business and review if the motivations for taking this course of action still held up.

Secondly he wanted to develop some easy and pragmatic approaches to use with the staff he was beginning to engage.

As an organisation that prided itself on its innovation, Carl was keen to take a fresh and creative approach to the support he was looking for.




Having spoken with Carl, Windmills agreed that a series of one to one coaching sessions with one of the trained Windmills team (click to meet the team) utilising aspects of the Windmills portfolio (click to portfolio) maybe helpful for him to reflect on the journey he had taken, what his perspective was now and how he could apply his lessons learned for other staff.


Windmills decided to utilise the Windmills approach to Working, Learning, Playing and Giving (click to portfolio for WLPG) as this tool in particular has worked effectively for individual’s wishing to stand back and look at the whole of their lives. As an owner/manager of an SME, many often find that the lines between work and life become very blurred.


Carl commented….

“The Windmills coaching that I received was very good for me, particularly because it came at a time when I had just set up a business and it validated the reasons for why I’d set that business up. 

The Windmills process was useful because it took me through a number of questions relating to various areas of work and personal life and it reinforced the plan. 

The challenges that I faced during the process were really about being honest about the situation that I was in, in terms of managing that business and why the business was in that situation. 

The process not only highlighted the strengths of the business and of me running the business but also the weaknesses and how we could address them”




Carl commented,


“Being a small company we didn’t have any processes or structures in place for staff appraisals but following on from the Windmills coaching process we implemented the use of ‘Talkabout’ (click to talkabout resource in portfolio) within the company to support appraisals.  We wanted the process to be a mutual, beneficial process and the benefits that we have gained from using Talkabout were not just that it provided a process and structure for appraisals, but it also helped us endorse what we knew the staff were capable of and where they wanted to go, it gave us a mechanism to discuss and make plans for the future”.


From the initial experience that Carl had he has decided to implement the elements of the Windmills tools by utilising Talkabout for annual appraisals and also for new employees as part of the induction process as he felt it very much fitted with the culture of the company. 


He added “I think Windmills is an excellent self reflection tool for individuals to assess where they are in terms of their career and their plans for the future”


 If you would like to know more about this type of support and how you can access this then please contact us. (Click to contact us)