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Helen Crombie, North Cheshire Hospitals

“The Windmills programme has been very different because it gave us the opportunity to have time out, away from the workplace to actually think about ourselves as individuals.  Normally work based training is very much around work, this wasn’t, it was person-centred.  Participation in the training has influenced how I’ve approached certain things especially conducting appraisals with members of staff.  It has actually made me think about what’s important to them, what their purpose is and therefore how this impacts on their work.”

I think if an organisation allowed a greater number of it’s staff to go through the programme what they would see is a motivated and enthusiastic workforce.  If you can manage a win-win situation then not only the organisation benefits but also the individuals – if you’re happy at work then you’re happy at home which makes a real impact on how you ‘re performing.”

Helen Crombie – Directorate Manager, Medicine & Elderly Care North Cheshire Hospitals