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Hope University – Supporting Individuals with Change through a Coaching model

Change and restructure within higher education is common place but Hope University in Liverpool were keen to support its staff by offering a programme of coaching interventions for a key department of their organisation where they believed extra support was needed.

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Staff within this particular department were extremely experienced and had gained significant service within the institution primarily within the one department. As a result of proposed changes these staff members would be changing job tile and status but still remaining working with their existing colleagues but in a non-managerial role.


Working closely with the HR team at Hope, Windmills began to explore ways by which, through a coaching framework,  additional support could be offered beyond the corporate learning and development offer, for the key members of staff involved. The value of tailored support externally facilitated was a key requirement of the proposal.

Staff were given the choice to get involved and some did decide to take up the option whilst others declined.  For those who did Windmills set up a series of three 121 sessions –an hour in length with a coach to explore the cycle of

 three stage cycle

The focus was not just work based but whole life based and session times were agreed at appropriate intervals with the member of staff involved. Tools from WLPG – The Windmills approach to working, learning, playing and giving (Add link in here to WLPG) were utilised and included:

  • Career Fitness Check
  • Walls and Windmills Analysis
  • Skills Portfolio
  • Career Motivation Checklist
  • Picture Your Destination activity
  • Shaking unhelpful self beliefs


The staff involved commented on being able to cope with the change in position at work and the team being able to support them in developing areas they were weak in whilst still maximising their strengths. Team morale and team effectiveness was seen to grow through a period of significant change.