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Irish Retirement Planning Council – Developing Creative Strategies for Retirement

Windmills Champion Brian McIvor

has pioneered a series of interactive workshops and coaching sessions in partnership with the Irish Retirement Planning Council, a national charity supporting retiring leaders and managers within the public, private and third sectors. Brian in his work here utilises the Windmills approach to working, learning, playing and giving to empower senior managers and executives.



Managing the transition from work into retirement is a complex task in today’s changing world.  Shifts in the pension and retirement age, coupled with the demise of final salary pension schemes have begun to blur the boundaries between full time work and ‘empty time’ for other things.  Equally important are the psychological and emotional challenges related to work and retirement for the senior executive. Status, sense of purpose, social networks and daily routines provided by work may well all disappear the day one’s job ceases.  As one Marketing Director put it “My wife said I was sitting right in the middle of her social highway when I retired.  All her friends stopped coming round.  The last thing they wanted to see was a hairy old man in his pyjamas at the breakfast table.”  


At the heart of the work Brian does is the process that helps individuals take a more creative and proactive approach to their working, learning, playing and giving (WLPG) click here to find out more.  The principle being it doesn’t have to be all or nothing – black or white – retirement can be a blend which shifts in priority, size and shape over time.  Participants map out their current and ideal WLPG blends, explore walls (barriers) and windmills (opportunities) in moving forward and explore aspects of personal vision and sustainability.  The purpose of each programme is to enable individuals to carefully plan and take control of their transition, creating alternatives ant utilising voluntary, part time and portfolio working to achieve their ideal blend.


Participants have benefitted from the programme over the past 5 years with Brian commenting “The Windmills way of blending, working, learning, playing and giving provides individuals with hope, optimism, flexibility and a realisation that they can take greater control of uncertainties in the future.”  For many people re-tire-ment will be exactly what it says – re-tiring, replacing our old tyres with new ones, but not changing the body of the vehicle – our values.  And with help from the right coaches and facilitators we can firmly put people back into the driving seat and help them head forwards in a purposeful, meaningful way.