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Kay Thompson, Women’s Programme – Letter to others

Hello fellow Windmillers,


I know some of these email addresses might not work anymore but I thought I’d try anyway!


I have news. Thanks to the Windmills course we all did together at a time in my life when I needed encouragement I’ve been taking steps to make my golden ticket a reality. I’ve still got it at home and that exercise really helped me to see how real it could all be.


I leave my job this Friday 8th August and set off on a round-the-world adventure on Monday 18th August for 12 months. On my own. I’m excited, a bit nervous but thrilled to be doing something for me, that I’ve always wanted to do. I start in Montreal, Canada and make my way through the USA to Fiji, then New Zealand (and grab a coffee with Helen Mills (remember her?  She emigrated), then Australia and onwards through South East Asia beginning in Singapore and ending in Beijing next August.


When I get back I’m enrolling on a Masters degree in Philosophy. I hope to study full-time at the University fo York and get the student experience I missed out on the first time around.


I’ve paid off a huge amount of debt and saved up enough to start my trip too.


While I’m travelling I’m going to keep writing and try and find ways to make this a part of my career too.


So – thanks to you all for inspiring me and encouraging me to go for my dreams. I remember the windmills course fondly and the lunches we had afterwards.



Best Wishes and thanks,