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Laura Bellis, STAR delegate

“Following various Windmills STAR discussions I was able to focus on what I would really love to do as a career, which is work with animals.  Due to a long period of illness I had struggled academically and by using some of the Windmills techniques I was able to talk about my passions and set out realistic goals to enable me to achieve my dream of working within the veterinary field. 

As a result, I found a college really close to home where I can take qualifications in yearly stages that will allow me to become a veterinary nurse without having A’levels and I am also looking for voluntary or paid work working with animals to gain some hands on experience.  My Windmills STAR based discussions have also helped me to articulate to my family that working with animals is a viable career path as they were quite dismissive of it in the past.  I now have something to look forward to that excites me and a definite course of action that has really given me something to hold on to in what has been a really difficult time for me.”

Laura Bellis