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National Careers Service in the North East of England – a new approach for advice and guidance

A full copy of this project is available as a downloadable PDF here.


CfBT Advice and Guidance, a subsidiary company of CfBT Education Trust, is the Prime Contractor for the National Careers Service in the North East.

The impact of changing economic conditions and uncertainty has brought different demands on the CfBT advisors and their clients, with increasing numbers of more qualified clients looking for support. The team recognised the need for new and different resources to supplement and enhance the face to face work they were already doing.



Members of the CfBT team were familiar with the Windmills career management programme and had used Windmills job search and CV writing materials in the past, however it was recognised that there was scope to use much more of the now expanded Windmills portfolio. Wider consultation with the advisor team confirmed that the Windmills resources would be useful and many advisors expressed an interest in being trained and able to use them with their clients.



Feedback from the Champions has been extremely positive with them reporting the training had been beneficial from both a personal and professional perspective, describing the training as ‘extremely useful’ having given them ‘new tools and inspiration to help our client groups.’

Overwhelmingly the Champions stated that the training had helped them feel more confident about using the Windmills materials and confirmed that they were now more equipped to build Windmills tools and materials into their work with clients.

The Champions were delighted with the resources not least because of the response and feedback they had been getting from the clients and groups they were working with.
“I got a round of applause at the end of the session which was nice”

“Feedback from customers has been positive with everyone saying they would recommend the session to a friend”

“The skills cards exercise helps to raise the client’s self awareness, and sometimes even self esteem. Clients have said following the session they feel “lifted” commenting that they didn’t feel like this before and believed they did not have any marketable skills having been out of a working environment for so long”