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Road show Delivery by bringing learning to life with No Regrets

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Following the publication of the latest Windmills Resource – No Regrets on Sunday (click here to find out more), Windmills has partnered with public, private and voluntary sector organisations to roll out a No Regrets Conference and Workshop Roadshow.


There are seven billion of us on this planet and we only have two things in common.  We are all born, and then sometime later we die.  The bit in the middle is that thing called our life.  Over the past decade the Windmills Team have been asked to bring conferences to “life” in two distinct ways.  Firstly, helping participants to fulfil their potential, in whatever context they maybe operating and secondly delivering sessions in a lively, fun and thought provoking way encouraging individuals attending to begin to take the actions they need to ensure they have “No Regrets”.


A rich portfolio of highly creative, entertaining and practical keynote sessions and workshops has been developed to challenge individuals to be all they can be.  Designed to never be death by powerpoint, they bring conferences and away days to life through interaction and engagement designed to stimulate conversation on thought provoking topics amongst peers in a simple but profound and thought provoking way.  Our sessions have taken the board room out onto the streets, exposed leaders to life in prison, immersed businessmen in grass roots charities and sent managers back to school.  We deliver events in coffee shops as well as conference centres, church halls as well as world class hotels, family homes as well as free houses.



Road shows of 80 keynote conference presentations and workshops have been delivered over the past 5 years.  Over 10,000 delegates have engaged in the Windmills process ranging from HR Directors in Athens, Graduate Recruiters in South Africa, Prison Officers in Wakefield, Military Personnel and their families in the Highlands and Islands,  Charity Workers in Birmingham, Lawyers in London, Professional Footballers in Scotland and Careers Advisers in Northern Ireland. 

Evaluations have common threads including:

 “thought provoking and inspiring”
 “fun, energetic and entertaining”,
“helped me stop, reflect and refocus” 
“made me realise it’s up to me to take control” 
“gave me the confidence to take the first step” 
“challenged me to think differently”
“a wakeup call on how short life is.” 

Each participant has left with their own Golden Ticket, an inspiring five year vision for their future, together with a personalised action plan to make this a reality.  Outcomes have ranged from creating new job roles, starting up social enterprises and improving work/life balance to re-engaging in a passion, volunteering for local charities and spending more quality time with people who matter.

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