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Shropshire Local Authority – change and transformation to improve public service

As economic uncertainty continued and central budgets were cut, local government in Shropshire were ready to take the opportunity these conditions created to change and transform services – they approached Windmills to help them in this challenge.


Click here to download pdf on the first case study for Shropshire

Click here to download pdf showing the return on investment of the project following an updated review two years on from the start of the project


Keith Barrow the leader of the Shropshire Council had identified a three year change and transformation programme that had at its heart three key objectives:

  1. Driving savings
  2. Shaping the new organisation
  3. Developing a new council

Jackie Kelly Head of OD at the council recognised the need to collaborate with Windmills who were widely recognised in this field as experts and who had a credible track record of work in this area as valuable partners to the council in this process.


In consultation with the council Windmills helped develop a team of 45 Change Agents who both demonstrated and promoted the key behaviours the council were looking to evidence as it moved forward in its new format. Engaging them in a “No Regrets on Sunday” (click on the words no regrets to the portfolio) development programme the Champions began to demonstrate new behaviours and to utilise a tool-kit that through a capacity building programme they could begin to use with colleagues across the council. Maggie Fobister People Development Manager at the Council was one of these Change Agents – (click here to listen to what she has to say)


The change agents once trained got involved in a variety of people initiatives as part of the transformation agenda right the way across the council. This involved the creation of a new shared service, road shows and key restructures in certain directorates, staff engagement initiatives and redeployment activities. Some comments they received from those they worked with were…..

“Thanks to Windmills I feel much more confident in my ability to position myself in the new structure and ensure that I play a key role where I can”

“The staff member I have been working with has showed a renewed level of energy and positivity about her work”

“The decision to develop our own staff to work with their colleagues to support them through substantial change makes absolute business sense. In a public sector environment that is fluid, complex and a little scary to some, the Windmills training offers the Council ways to introduce a new skill set that will build our capacity, capability and confidence to meet the challenges head on.

Wendy Marston – Corporate Head of Business Improvement