Supporting young people to change lives and make their unique difference.

The Foundation is committed to supporting, mentoring and enabling young people who have the energy passion and vision to make their difference in the world.

We recognise that to develop a lifelong habit of discovering who you are, understanding what matters to you, creating a vision for the future and then realising that vision to make your unique difference, is better started early in life and Windmills wants to support young people to do just that. Utilising the Windmills portfolio we help our youth champions explore their skills, passions and values, create an inspiring vision for the future and deliver a “make a difference” project. They may do this in conjunction with other organisations and charities or they have may an idea of their own that they need support with to make real. We are always excited about talking with others who share a bigger vision of making a difference.



Want to make a difference?

If you are a young person wanting to make a difference please contact us to find out more