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ZIM – Workplace Outplacement Support

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ZIM – Workplace Outplacement Support

Effective Change Management

ZIM Integrated Shipping Ltd is one of the largest carriers in the global container shipping industry with more than 450 offices and representatives in over 135 countries throughout the world.

Due to changes and restructuring, staff at the Liverpool office faced potential redundancy and ZIM approached Windmills, given their knowledge and expertise, requesting a flexible and effective support package for their staff as they went through this challenging time.


With little influence over the external factors affecting the decisions that affected the Liverpool office, senior staff at ZIM wanted to support their staff and help them in this challenging time. In particular they wanted to enable them to take a greater level of control over the situation they found themselves to be in and to be able to move forward in a more constructive way. Staff affected by the changes found themselves in a number of different categories:
• Identified for redundancy and not wanting it
• Identified for redundancy and positively seeking to take it
• Remaining within ZIM but in a significantly altered working environment


With its experience and knowledge of individuals facing redundancy Windmills recognised that a “one-size fits all” solution was not only inappropriate, it was potentially harmful and unhelpful for those staff involved.

Windmills met with ZIM and having listened to the needs of organisation and staff it developed a range of offers that individuals could select from.

The ‘at risk’ group of 36 employees were offered 2 different – but linked – one day workshops and 1 to 1 coaching sessions, with email and telephone follow up. Windmills wanted to provide staff with the opportunity to explore a fresh perspective and discover the choices they had, despite individuals potentially viewing themselves as being in an un-resourceful position. There was the immediacy of the current situation and the urgency of this to reflect on but also there was the important longer term perspective and view to consider as well. The immediate choice employees faced was whether or not to take advantage of the support offered by ZIM and if chosen, then how much support to take – everything or just one aspect of the programme?

The aim of the first workshop was to broaden people’s outlook – help them view the event in the wider context of their working, learning, playing and giving and to consider the longer term picture. Importantly, Windmills wanted to give the group the opportunity to reflect on the journey and career paths they had taken so far both internal and external of ZIM. For some individuals this was challenging when length of tenure was 10-20 years with the one organisation. Windmills then wanted to support staff to consider the next steps they wished to take to maximise their personal value and contribution in a way that played to their key strengths, talents and priorities.
Windmills introduced a number of frameworks, models and activities to help individuals explore this in a non- threatening supportive way:   Discover Create Realise Model        WLPG Models

Further help was offered for staff by attending a second workshop designed to provide practical support and advice in successful selection for a new role. Participants were given the opportunity to review their CVs or to create one if they didn’t have anything in place and to also think about the interview process from the employers’ perspective.

Further support was also offered by the provision of one to one coaching sessions offering more individualised support and advice. Although all facing potential redundancy individuals capacity attitude and resilience to respond to this was very different and these sessions were an excellent opportunity for individuals to turn their thinking and intention into practical action in a personalised environment.


The approach ZIM commissioned from Windmills proved extremely successful, with both qualitative and quantitative evaluation techniques employed. All 36 employees reported a greater level of confidence, and ability to deal positively and effectively with their current situation and to capitalise on the opportunity, thus maximising their strengths.   ZIM Feedback and Evaluation Report June 2014

Windmills provided the opportunity for those who wanted to review and take a new direction in their lives and career paths to help them make decisions that would maximise their work-life balance e.g. a member of staff with a passion for photography began to see this ‘event’ as an opportunity to develop an online business selling his work and doing what he felt passionate about.

A further example was a member of staff who was studying for a counselling qualification and wanted to enter into a completely different sector. She was supported to find a role which she took and provided her with the experience lacking on her CV and which now, a number of months later, she is further qualified and has secured greater responsibility.
A Walls and Windmills analysis, during a one to one session with a particular member of staff provided the perspective she needed to outweigh the sense of risk and feelings of fear and create the excitement and motivation that made her future choices seem easier.

‘The advice and support from Windmills has been invaluable to me. It has helped modernize and much improve my CV. It gave me an insight into how employers think and the types of questions they might ask in interview. It gave me and my colleagues a sense of optimism and hope for the future. I feel well equipped to go back out into the world of successful job hunting. I would recommend that if anyone is given the chance to work with Windmills, they grab it with both hands.’