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Developing Employability & Enterprise with Graduates Yorkshire

Helping to retain top quality graduates in the region provided a creative opportunity to develop a new approach to improving employability and enterprise in Yorkshire

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A need was identified amongst Yorkshire Universities as part of the Graduates Yorkshire initiative to further engage with undergraduates and graduates to take advantage of the opportunities, resources and support being offered via the University Job Shops i.e. their career offices on campus. Wider engagement was being sought to stimulate the supply of high quality graduates for Yorkshire based organisations to retain higher levels skills within the region. Career and guidance professionals were seeking an innovative, creative approach capable of distance learning; one to one support; and group based module delivery that was responsive and tailored to the needs of the student, careers service and employer.


Windmills had worked previously with the Universities to help them access the Windmills Virtual Career Mentor – a forerunner of the current Windmills interactive web support Insert in here a link to the interactive part of the website.

They were approached again as a result of the innovative work they had done previously to collaborate with a focus group of career and guidance professionals and students. Deciding to use the brand of the “Job Shop” (already known in Universities) as a metaphor for the project, Windmills created the concept of Job Shopping. A series of modular based creative activities based around the idea of making a series of decisions and choices about a purchase, and applying this same learning process to the choices and decisions you consider when selecting a career path and job role.

Highly visual, colourful and stimulating the job shopping booklet (insert in here a link to the job shopping booklet in the portfolio) developed as a core text for a range of modular based workshop activities capable of being facilitated by the Job Shop careers and guidance staff. It is also available on the Graduates Yorkshire website as a series of distance learning modules:


All thirteen higher education institutions in Yorkshire utilised the resource within their Job Shops further engaging students with the concepts, ideas and actions to build their levels of personal responsibility and action to connect with Graduates Yorkshire and secure a job opportunity.

Further development of the resources as a co-branded tool between Graduates Yorkshire and Windmills enabled the tool to be more widely used outside of Yorkshire and to generate a further income stream for Graduates Yorkshire.