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Roadshow support for innovation in change for Weightmans and Eversheds

Leading employment lawyers Eversheds and Weightmans were keen to encourage their clients to see the wider perspective of change beyond the legal necessities and turned to Windmills to provide a new dimension to people development for their blue chip clients.

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As the winds of change and uncertainty continue to transform the way we manage our businesses and organisation, waves of business re-organisation and re-engineering have led to redundancies, role changes and new psychological contracts.  Leading employment law specialists Eversheds and Weightmans have pinpointed a critical need to equip their clients with innovative tools and techniques to help them through the change process.  Empowering individuals to take a greater level of responsibility for their future and feel some sense of control over the changes taking place was seen as a critical cornerstone for success.


Heads of employment law and training respectively commissioned the Windmills Team to co-create and deliver an interactive roadshow of professional development sessions for their clients on a geographical basis focussing around Manchester, Liverpool, London and the South East.  Taking a novel 3-dimensional approach to change and transformation, each session combined Personal, Professional and Practical inputs.  In each case Windmills provided a dynamic, highly engaging and entertaining portfolio  of activities and exercises to help individuals explore their personal and professional responses to change.  As Nicholas Edwards, Head of Client Training at Eversheds commented “Windmills provided a fresh, unique perspective which both engaged and inspired participants to think about their personal potential in a fun and creative way.  It was a bit of a risk to move away from out standard legal presentation but it paid off and we’re building an even greater level of Windmills’ input into our next national CPD event”.


Over 200 existing and potential clients engaged in the roadshows, each identifying personal and professional actions for change.  The breadth of application of the Windmills toolkit was reflected in the range of needs organisations highlighted.  These included the need for more creative women’s professional development at GE; enhanced employee engagement within Whitbread and change management support with Riverside Housing Association.