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Trinity St. Peters

Peter Hawkins volunteered to help develop and support an exciting new curriculum to inspire primary pupils to “shine”.


As part of bringing the Windmills values to life Pete Hawkins, Director of Windmills and Trustee of the Windmills Foundation spent some of his own time in his local primary school, Trinity St Peters, helping to contribute to an exciting new curriculum utilising some of the Windmills resources.

The motivation for this was to positively respond to a rapidly changing world of learning and work, where there has never been a more important time to equip young people with personal resilience skills.  Jobs for life are a thing of the past.  To be employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be secure – change and uncertainty are now the constant. But how can we equip young people with the ability to take control of their lives, and how can these life skills be blended with academic excellence and community values at the earliest possible age?


Pete in collaboration with a dynamic and visionary Headteacher, at Trinity St Peters Church of England School has committed to an exciting new vision to enable each of its pupils to realise their full potential.  The evolving curriculum enables young people to Share, Hope, Imagine, Nurture, and Enjoy (SHINE).  Together with Trinity St Peters staff, governors, parents and pupils a series of ‘I CAN’ statements have been developed which provide a framework to SHINE. 
Pupils begin their personal SHINE journey in reception and build their ‘I CAN’ capabilities over the next seven years.   To help them along their way two musical parents who have unique experience from the West End and Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra created a school song along the same theme.  The song, called ‘Rise and Shine’ embodies the values and principles of the curriculum.  Its chorus, with actions, reflects the core messages of SHINE and can be learned simply and easily by four year olds and their families.  ‘Go with your heart, open your eyes, believe you can be, hold hands and dance with me’. The song also provides the soundtrack to our Smile Challenge Slideshow – listen to it here  


Pete has further facilitated a development day attended by 30+ staff, governors and school partners.  Additional support has included a STAR programme for reception pupils and parents – STAR is the young person’s resource and programme available through the Windmills portfolio (add link in here to take a look at STAR) The schools has also created a SHINE play with Year 4 pupils and a celebration event for Year 6 pupils.

Trinity St. Peters, Church of England, Primary School have also been pioneers of the  Smile £10 Challenge  which has now been cascaded across 30+ schools, inspiring over 1000 pupils across Sefton to make their difference in the local community.