A dynamic and vibrant community

People are at the heart of our business. Their creative partnership and enthusiasm enables us together to collaborate and make a greater difference by being part of developing something bigger.

Take a look at some of our champions below and what they have to say about us:


Ruth Lawton

Ruth is the Teaching fellow for Employability at Birmingham City University and has been an advocate for Windmills since she first came across Pete and the Art of Building Windmills  in the late 90’s.

She has used Windmills personally and professionally; with students, colleagues across the institution and her own team.

In her own style – listen to how Ruth describes working with Windmills, the tools she likes and the impact she feels Windmills makes.


Maggie Fobister

Maggie is the People Development Manager at Shropshire Council and was one of the first cohorts of Champions to be trained in a major change and transformation programme that the council were implementing. Taking a management role in the co-ordination of the Champions she collaborated with Windmills to identify, train and build the capacity to support this change programme with 45 Champions, representing all Directorates and levels across the organisation.

Download initial evaluation for Shropshire Council’s change programme.  Download an  update of the project.

julie holden

Julie Holden

Julie runs her own business Smart Development Solutions which focuses on supporting young people explore their own skills and aspirations through work completed mainly within the school environment. Julie came across Windmills when she worked for a large corporate and Windmills were supporting a champions programme internally. She took the opportunity to get involved and through this decided to explore a portfolio career combining her corporate work with the passion she felt to work with young people. She continued her collaboration with Windmills by utilising STAR  and delivering programmes of support within schools in her region.