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Windmills Annual Event 2013

January 6th, 2014 by Suzanne Sweeney

Our annual event in November was a wonderful opportunity to invest in yourself with champions old and new sharing some personal and professional development with a large chunk of networking and connecting with others who use Windmills thrown in.

Free to members of our community the day kicked of with a theme around No Regrets. What is the heading for the current chapter in your life? What words of recommendation would you give to others to have No Regrets on Sunday? And finally what can you do to help those who may wish to re-write their stories?

A review of individual’s blends of working, learning, playing and giving moved on to exploring the roles that we play in life and which roles matter to us. The chance to hear from others included Champions talking about change and transformation at Shropshire Local Authority; Employee Engagement with William Hill; Supporting disadvantaged young people in Shropshire and Liverpool and Champion development with North West Deanery. Our Champions shared their stories and talked about how they had grown as a result of getting involved in using Windmills on a regular basis. They demonstrated that they are practicing what they preach.

The day concluded with a chance to explore a work based project that was happening or about to happen whereby individuals could combine what mattered to them, what mattered to their organisation and what mattered to the wider community. A three thinking approach to maximising personal and professional growth.

A day out of your diary can seem a luxury you cannot always afford but those attending were clear in their feedback – it had been a worthwhile day…..

“Terrific, stimulating, inspiring, brilliant…..”

Suzanne one of our champions at Liverpool John Moores University summed it up….

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day – it reignited my interest in the Windmills resources and provided me with ideas for how I can use them in the future. I work in education so there is an obvious fit with Windmills and the work I do. It was interesting to meet people from other sectors using is just as successfully – William Hill – who would have thought!”  

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